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We’ve had a very busy last few months at CrowdControlHQ which although we’re very excited about, has reminded us just how important it is to treat our brains and bodies with the respect they deserve by taking proper rests! 🧠

We also recognise that although for the most part, social media is a positive channel for sharing information and bringing people and organisations together, sometimes it can have an impact on mental health. As an organisation working in social media, it is also our responsibility to ensure that we advocate responsible use of social media and raise awareness of some of the potential risks.


To help us establish balance and find out more about how social media impacts mental health we invited Mind Birmingham into our offices to present a session about the tips they recommend for staying happy and healthy at work and home.

We’re very grateful to the team for coming in to share their knowledge and having seen how broad and vital their work is across Birmingham and the West Midlands, we wanted to do something to show our appreciation and support for the organisation. 👏

James Leavesley Quote, Mind Birmingham

That is why today marks the start of our commitment to supporting Mind Birmingham in the following ways:

1. Sponsored team runs

Firstly, we’ll be entering a CrowdControlHQ team into the Birmingham 10k and/or Birmingham Half Marathon for 2018 (depending on how well training goes 🙈). We’ll be committing to this challenge because not only is exercise massively beneficial when it comes to keeping our mental and physical health in check, but in doing so we’ll be able to raise much needed funds for Mind Birmingham through sponsorship. 🏃‍♀️

2. Volunteering our time

Alongside this, we also recognise how hard the Mind Birmingham team work to ensure that the assisted living properties they manage are as friendly, modern and welcoming as possible. That means making sure that the gardens are well maintained and flourishing, as well as refreshing and re-energising rooms inside the properties by updating the paint and furniture.

We’re keen to use our CrowdControlHQ man and woman power to support the Mind Birmingham team with this work where we can! 💪

3. Sharing our knowledge

We’ve also identified some areas in which we can provide specific help given our experience such as social media delivery and technical development.

We’ll be sitting down with the Mind Birmingham team to look at ways in which the team could further utilise opportunities on social media to spread their message and drive awareness. Check out @BirminghamMind if you haven't already to see what the team get up to! 

4. Fundraising

Finally, wherever and whenever we can we’ll be working to raise additional funds for Mind Birmingham throughout the year. This might be in the form of bake sales or a penalty £1 jar for members of the team who forget their keys to get into our offices! 🤣

We’re looking forward to getting stuck into these activities and working closely with Mind Birmingham to help our local community as much as possible! And once again, thanks to Mike Jeffries and the team for coming in to share their advice on staying happy and healthy at work – look out for the video recording of this session coming soon!

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this so please get in contact to join the conversation or just say hi @CrowdControlHQ ☺️

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