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The Easter bank holidays in the UK have arrived: a time of fun, chocolate bunnies and a perfect opportunity to engage with your followers. However, even busy social media managers deserve a holiday, so here's our tips to keep your corporate social media accounts up and running while you're out of office.

Social Media Holiday

As we all know there are no holidays or breaks when it comes to social media. 53% of customers will still be expecting a response within an hour, regardless of the festive season. How can you ensure that your customer experience doesn’t take a dive just because you need some well-earned R&R?

Take a look at our six recommended social media management tips to help ensure that your social media stays on track during the holidays.

Schedule content

Support your colleagues by preparing content in advance and preschedule using our posting feature. Publish the content for a specific date and time or to save time you could add multiple dates for when you would like the content to go out. Check the content calendar to ensure that there are no gaps and that there is consistent messaging going out during the holiday period.

Brief the team

Store your social media plan in central wiki area and ensure that your team are up to date with the tone of voice and language needed, as well as the key themes coming up over the next few weeks. This will enable the team to add to the prescheduled content if required and also ensure a consistency with their response.

Identify roles and responsibilities

Ensure that the right people in your organisation are receiving the right messages by using social media collaboration and automated workflows. This capability is critical to keep response times down and ensures that the relevant response is provided to the customer. Identify who will be picking up enquiries in your absence and update the workflows, as there is no ‘out of office’ option for social media!

Staying on top of inbound

Set up email notifications on an instant, hourly or daily basis to keep on top of inbound interactions (targeted brand @mentions or even keywords/phrases that you are tracking e.g. campaign hashtags). Make sure you update the contacts that are receiving these notifications to guarantee that they are being acted on (and avoid having a full inbox of out of date notifications upon your return!)

Crisis management

Brief the team on your organisation’s crisis management policy (which you can store in the wiki area), in particular reinforce the escalation process in the event of a potential crisis (you may wish to use our sign off feature to approve content during a sensitive time). Or if all else fails ensure that someone has the power to stop all scheduled activity from going out of your organisation’s social media channels.

And finally, upon your return to the office…

Social Media ReportingEvaluate

View all of your past inbound and outbound content via the feeds, use the date range to specify the period of time you wish to view. Evaluate which team members have posted great engaging content by checking the audit trail.

Finally, use your social media analytics and reports to evaluate the impact of the social media delivery. Is there anything you can learn from your colleague’s delivery, or is there anything that could be done differently (ready to be put in place for your next holiday)?
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