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Last week we had the pleasure of attending CommsHero 2018 in Leeds and we don't mind saying, what a great bunch of folks we had the chance to meet, chat and share with. The social media bar surrounding the event was set high.

Hats off to the team @CommsHero that made the event happen. And thanks to all of the fantastic event guest speakers that kept us informed and entertained throughout: Asif Choudry, Helen Reynolds, Grant Leboff, Rachel Royall & Eva Lake, Caroline King, Helena Langdon, Rob Jefferson & Liam Smith 👏

Here's our top social media takeaways from the event:

Be human on social media

Even the most formal brands can adopt a more human touch on social. Audiences understand that there's a real person (or several people) behind every profile - never be a robot, be a human. People love to talk with real people, and so engaging in genuine one-to-one conversations will win you fans for life.

It's not about you, it's about your audience

Remember that social media comms is not about what your organisation wants to tell people, it's about what people want to hear from you. Use emotion-evoking stories to help bring corporate messages to life, making them less one-way and more engaging.

Bringing in colleagues from across the wider organisation to contribute content and share their stories on social is one way you can bring stories to life, and have colleagues act as advocates for your brand.

Attention is the #1 currency of social media

Marcomms used to be art of interrupting someone else's audience, paying to reach the readers or viewers of a newspaper, magazine, radio or TV show. Today, social media is the number one way of sharing information and brands can build their own audiences on social, meaning the channel and audience are now merged into one. With this, many more channels are now competing for the attention of the same audiences, and so audience attention has become the #1 currency.

To keep audiences engaged make them the hero - make posts and content about them, not you. Don't write or create content with everyone in mind, write with someone in mind and ensure that every piece of content shared provides some type of inherent value by making the it informative or at least entertaining. Placing less-exciting messages into a different context that your audience might be thinking about already can make it more relevant and engaging. For example, instead of simply announcing a new recycling collection timetable, try linking it to getting ready for the world cup.

Bulk create social content

Hands up who creates content on a week by week basis when it could be produced in blocks. 🙋‍♂️ We've all been in that situation when somebody is out of office ill or simply too busy to finish off that video, blog post or artwork that was planned to be published.

So when it comes to practically creating content that allows you to keep your audience's attention as mentioned above, think about how you could bulk-create core content. More content helps generate more engagement, and bulk creating is an effective way to ensure you are reliably producing enough.

Embrace nonsense

Sometimes embracing nonsense captures people's attention better than a well crafted campaign, reminding us how being human and fun can result in the best comms. You only have too look at the engagement around likes of Innocent's posts around #PenguineAwarenessDay or #DogsAtPollingStations, and Doncaster Council's #DoncasterGrittingWorldCup.

Sometimes you just need a bit of luck

Even with the best planning, perfect timing, truly engaging and relevant content, you just don't get the response you were expecting. It's important to remember that sometimes you just need a little bit of luck for everything to fall into place 🍀

Bonus tip for your next event

Next time you find yourself surrounded by a great bunch of people you'd like to connect with, ditch the awkward business cards and turn to your LinkedIn mobile app instead. LinkedIn has a feature called Find nearby, which as the name implies, allows you to see and then connect with anyone else near to you who is also using the Find nearby feature at the same time. It works using your phones Bluetooth.


So that's our recap of top takeaways to apply to your social media strategy today. Got something you want to add or just want to say hi, get in touch @CrowdControlHQ

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