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5 Ways to Outsmart the Facebook Algorithm in 2020

This year saw even more changes to the Facebook algorithm, and the social media giant doesn't seem to be slowing down in 2020. Although this improves..

Claire Allcock
Claire Allcock Dec 19, 2019


Facebook Boosting: How to Use it to Get Results

Facebook have made significant changes to their algorithm over the last couple of years, favouring content from individuals over organisations in an..

Naomi Linford
Naomi Linford Feb 08, 2019

Planning & publishing

Why you Should be Using Organic Social Media Targeting 🎯

While there’s no doubt that Facebook and LinkedIn paid ad targeting can help you to attract new audiences and broaden your reach, have you considered..

Naomi Linford
Naomi Linford Aug 07, 2018


3 Types of Content Guaranteed to Generate Engagement on Facebook

Like many organisations you might have found that you have been using the same content strategy for Facebook for a number of years and up until now you..

Naomi Linford
Naomi Linford Jul 19, 2018

Planning & publishing

How to craft the perfect Facebook post

Since it’s launch in 2004 (just a mere 13 years ago) Facebook has continued to dominate the world of social media. Originally a platform for university..

Dan Aston
Dan Aston Aug 17, 2017


Will Facebook’s entry into the job market cause a cultural crisis in the UK?

This week Facebook announced that it would be taking a leap into the jobs market by allowing people to search and apply for jobs through its platform...

James Leavesley
James Leavesley Feb 21, 2017
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