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If you’ve been on Twitter in the last 24 hours, you will know by now that #GarethSouthgateWould have rather written this blog for me on a Saturday morning but he’s otherwise engaged ensuring #ItsComingHome.

However, he’s not the only one who’s been winning recently, so in our brand new Trending feature, we’re here to see which organisations went that extra mile with the #GarethSouthgateWould hashtag, and won their own World Cup!

The #GarethSouthgateWould deliver important messages, bunch

The #GarethSouthgateWould help us promote because he’s an all-round top fella, clan

And finally, the #GarethSouthgateWould love us to do something totally random, and hoist a waistcoat up a flag pole in homage to him…

As always, there’s many ways your organisation can make the most of popular hashtags, so don’t be afraid to grasp great opportunities! Check out our latest social content calendar to see help plan and shape your upcoming content.

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