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With Christmas upon us and an endless list of tasks which need ticking off, we thought that you might appreciate some help? So here’s our ‘Out of Office’ checklist to ensure that you've got social media covered over the Christmas break.

When it comes to holidays, there is literally no rest for social media, comms and customer service teams. The fact is that 53% of customers will still expect a response within an hour, despite it being the festive season. Meaning you and your team need to be prepared prior to leaving the office and even considering tucking to the turkey.

So here are a few pointers to help you on your way:

1. Be organised, ensure all posts are scheduled

By scheduling your social media posts in advance it allows you to post new social media content throughout the holidays without having to access your accounts everyday (or think of work). Do this by using social media management tools such as CrowdControlHQ. Good practice is to ensure you are regularly scheduling posts throughout the year, but it is most important around holiday periods when you are away to ensure that your brand or organisation doesn’t lose out on all the extra attention social media will enjoy over the holiday period.

2. Effective monitoring

It is critical to ensure that certain members of the team are ‘on call’, monitoring activity on your social media accounts when the need arises to prevent a crisis or handle emergencies. This is easy to achieve by taking advantage of a social media collaboration and automated workflow features ensuring that content is flagged and the right people are alerted, allowing them to respond to the customer in a timely manner as and when required.

3. Inbound notifications

Prior to leaving the office, set up email notifications in order to keep on top of inbound interactions with customers. These can be targeted notifications which respond to @mentions, keywords or even hashtags linked to things that your customers may report, complain about or need attention on. Ensure the correct employees are receiving these notifications, in order for them to be acted on most effectively.

4. Crisis management

Even over the festive period things can still go wrong. First of all you need to brief your team on the companies crisis management policy. If a crisis happens, it is important that your team know what to do and the protocols to manage the situation. For example your crisis may trigger a ‘two sets of eyes’ policy meaning that all content has to be validated by at least two people before being published. In addition, you can ensure one member of the team has the power to stop all scheduled posts from going live, helping to protect your brand reputation in the event of an emergency or breaking news story. As such, if a sensitive issue was to arise and certain posts were not in keeping then these can be stopped immediately.

5. Evaluation

Engagement numbers, campaign reach and analytics are critical to measure at any time of the year but particularly during the festive season. Holiday periods can buck the trend in a positive and a negative way and create the foundation for future campaign and resource planning. Check that the relevant reports are set up via the social media analytics and reports features. They will provide a transparent and quantifiable view to understand the trends of social media activity which has been taking place whilst you were away over the festive period and can be used to track which team members had the greatest success in driving engagement and reach.

If you require any further information or would like any further information on the tools mentioned in our blog, please get in touch.

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